About Felicite



My name is Felicite Kidabili. I am classically trained chef patissier with experience working in London and Paris. In a career spanning more than 12 years I have held the position within Michelin star restaurants and in some of Europe’s most prestigious hotels. I have been lucky and privileged enough to work with some of the leading figures in the industry including Eddie Benghanem at Le Ritz Paris and Pierre Gagnaire at Sketch.

Now owner and head chef of my own brand, La Sweet Galerie, I call upon all that experience to create cakes and hand-made biscuits of the highest quality. The combination of both French and English words in the name La Sweet Galerie is no mistake.

My cakes are a blend of my French roots, a background in classic French gastronomy combined with the artistic inspiration I find living in London. When I arrived here, the popularity and skill of cake decorating in the UK opened my eyes to new possibilities. It shaped my mission to create unforgettable flavours delivered with a flair for design, and an impeccable attention to detail. I believe food can be art, and I see my work as a gallery. An exhibition of taste and aesthetic.